The family of a man who had fallen very sick in Taubaté remembered that they should prepare him for a confession, so as “to make the trip to the other life”. When he informed everyone that he had confessed to Friar Galvão, they all laughed at him since the holy Friar had not been seen at that time in Taubaté.

Due to the seriousness of the sickness, they insisted on him making a confession. The sick man pulled out a handkerchief which he had saved under his pillow which the Friar had left there during the confession. No one doubted any longer the presence of the holy man, “because his gift of bilocation was already well known in the whole state of São Paulo”.

In thanksgiving to Friar Galvão, one can find many people who have been naming Galvão: It means that there are people who are baptized or have their name registered at city hall, receiving from their parents this extra name as a sign of the special grace which had been granted.