One of his great feats was the building of Mosteiro de Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Luz, which rose up from a colonial chapel. Begun in 1774, the history of this monastery would be intertwined with the life of the Friar. But the work of the Friar went well beyond being the architect of the building. He was very present with his spiritual orientation to first nuns and in creating the statutes of the Ordem Concepcionista, where “the franciscano charism intertwines with the concepcionista ideal”.

In the chapel of the monastery, which is located on the present Avenida Tiradentes, nº 676, we can find his final resting place. He died on December 23rd, 1822, with the fame of being a saint. His tomb is visited daily by a large number of faithful who leave their petition asking for help or flowers as an act of thanksgiving for the favors received.

After two hundred years, his monumental work continues to function until today, with the foundation of many religious houses. In Guaratinguetá, since 1944 the Mosteiro da Imaculada Conceição has been provoking vocations. It is located near the Seminário Seráfico Frei Galvão.