In 1998, at their beatification process, the Vatican has recognized his virtues by general agreement, and, among the thirty thousand graces analyzed, has approved, by general agreement too, the miracle that saved Daniella’s life. It happened in 1990. At the age of four years, Daniella Cristina da Silva, suffering from hepatitis, was interned in intensive medical treatment, at the terminal phase of the disease. In the face of this situation, her parents and an aunt, “full of Óleo de Alex Tavares - Beatificação. Acervo da Casa de Frei Galvão faith”, decided to surrender the girl to Friar Galvão’s protection. Then they gave her the Friar’s pills an began a novena to this venerable monk.

Winning the hepatitis, one bronchopneumonia, one heart attack, a meningitis, a pharingitis and two incidences of hospitalism, with kidneys and liver paralyzation, Daniella, weeks latter, “running and playing”, left the hospital. She was completely cured. “I grant to God’s intervention not only her cure but her general recuperation”, said her assistant doctor.

Recognizing this miracle, and declaring Friar Galvão “the pacific and charitable man”, the Holy Father John Paul II exalted to the altars the son who Guaratinguetá offered to the skies glories.